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About the film

Always Wanting More

Access, Entitlement and Expectation of Popular Music Bands in the Age of Social Media

Release Date    :    June 21, 2011
Genre    :    Documentary
Time    :    93 min. / 1:33

Always Wanting More is a documentary film investigating the culture of pop rock bands and the fanatic behavior exhibited by their fans.

The purpose of the documentary is to understand the impact of music, marketing, and social media on culture, adolescent identity, and the music industry. This musical genre consists of young artists, signed to independent record labels (or unsigned) that play a radio-friendly style of rock music. The bands in this genre are much more accessible to their fans than the pop idols of the past due primarily to internet sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Lack of media coverage of this genre and its impact on youth culture fueled my decision to use film to capture the dynamic nature of the concerts, including the sounds, the fans, and the overall intensity of these events. The documentary was filmed between May 2010 and February 2011 and covered both large festivals and smaller concerts. Through interviews with bands, fans, parents, industry insiders and experts in relevant academic disciplines, I uncovered a wide range of opinions as to the value and importance of the increased levels of intimacy between music celebrities and their fans made possible by the new social media technologies. The documentary investigates this musical world as an interesting and suggestive example of wider cultural currents and as a barometer of the current youth culture zeitgeist. The intertwined and synergetic impacts of social media and charismatic pop music bands are doubtlessly having powerful influences on impressionable young people and our hope is that Always Wanting More can shed some meaningful light on this phenomenon.

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  • Thank you to my Advisers:
    Fred Worden, Steven McAlpine, and Vivian Armor

    Funded in part by: 
    A University of Maryland Baltimore County Undergraduate Research Award Grant

    Special Thank Yous to: 
    Bethany Watson, Kevin Lyman &  the Vans Warped Tour staff, Mike Cubillos, PJ Carmack, Photo Finish Records, Fearless Records, The Entire UMBC Interdisciplinary Studies Department, and everyone who agreed to be filmed, gave me advice, or supported me.

    All Referenced Works are Copyrights of their respected owners regarded as “Fair Use” (


I’m Christine Osazuwa. I made this documentary during my junior & senior year at The University of Maryland: Baltimore County (UMBC). I've worked in Music and Marketing my whole life. You can visit my personal website to find out more.
This movie has been made as my capstone project (senior thesis) at The University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).
From May 2010 until March 2011. It was filmed mostly during Summer 2010, especially at Warped Tour, in addition to various concerts in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, and New Jersey.
View this Q&A session after a 10 minute screening of my film.
View my research methodology in this 15 minute presentation.
Ask me a question on Tumblr.
Email me at

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Artist Vs. Poet
Mayday Parade
Go Radio
Every Avenue
Hey Monday
Shoreline’s End
Sing It Loud
Terrible Things
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Industry Workers

Courtney Swan
Tour Manager - The Summer Set
Taylor Flynn
Marketing Coordinator - Photo Finish Records
Rudy Garcia
Marketing Coordinator - Photo Finish Records
Kyle Hartland
Merch Guy - Every Avenue
John Becker
Guitar Tech
Anthony Dobrini
Merch Guy - This Condition
Alexa Tyler
Owner - Estrella Online
Curran Blevins
Tour Manager - We Are The In Crowd
Merch Guy - Bring Me The Horizon
Josh Lovell
Tour Manager - Four Year Strong
Monique Evans
Co-Owner - tuned in.
Evan Kirkendall
Sound Engineer - All Time Low


Dr. Dustin Campbell
American Studies Lecturer - UMBC
Zeynep Tufekci
Assistant Professor of Sociology - UMBC
Mary Shuttlesworth
3rd Year Psychology Grad Student - UMBC
Joseph Morin
Department of Music Associate Chair - UMBC

Questions & Praise


Anonymous asked: I'm actually just watching your documentary film and I really like it, it's so interesting. How long did it take you to make it?
I started filming May 2010, I did the last of my filming in April 2011, while editing, finding music, etc. So roughly a year. (via)


“I think if you have an hour to kill like I ( at least believe I) do, you should watch this wonderful documentary about bands and their fans.”Nicole Stephens Photography


“This is a completely and utterly amazing documentary on the internet, music industry and pop rock bands. Everyone should watch this.” (via)